Coming Out – A Love Story

It all started when I was bitten by a radioactive woman...


Tragic Hero Quote #9

To call it a red light district would be a disservice to just how depraved and openminded was Northern Floom. Yes there were sexual favours exchanged for cash, but this was a cosmopolitan, interspecies wonderland. Here there were trolls dressed in comforting old-fashioned frocks that smelled of fabric conditioner who - for a nominal fee - would hold you like a baby until the pain went away.

Tragic Hero Art: Digital Collage – a new direction

Life get is inconvenient sometimes. It gets in the way. It got in the way of Ruth making art for Tragic Hero, and then a mixture of creative trepidation and laziness extended this sojourn out a little longer. She is back, and working in a totally new direction. You may remember earlier posts which all … Continue reading Tragic Hero Art: Digital Collage – a new direction