Tragic Hero Artwork by Ruth Crean: Towns

During one of our many conversations about Tragic Hero I went off on a rant about how excited I was to see the great cities I’d imagined coming to life at last. I could see Ruth’s face getting tighter and tighter as I spoke. Eventually she admitted to being terrified of drawing buildings.

‘People are my thing, old man faces, all that, not buildings and straight lines, I’ve no idea how to do all that stuff,’ she seemed genuinely lost at the thought of putting visuals on my world.


Determined as always, she turned to Google, and looked at loads of intimidatingly brilliant sci-fi and fantasy cityscapes. These are a couple of sketches she did based on some of the stuff she was looking at. She swears that she’s still a million miles away from where she would like to be with them, I’m just excited to see where they end up, if it’s a hundred miles, or ten, I like the starting point nonetheless.


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